Friday, December 13, 2013

5 Favorite Beauty Vloggers!

Hi, belles!

There is always a start of everything. These people helped (and are still helping) me a lot when I just got into beauty stuffs. So here are they (in no particular order). I love their channels equally. *throwing hearts*

I found her channel when I was searching for BB cream reviews on youtube. I just like to watch her makeup tutorial videos. She keeps her tutorials simple, so it's easy for me to follow. Overall, her videos are fun to watch. I like to watch her tips, monthly favorites, challenge videos or even the random ones. And recently, she uploaded an interview video with Too Faced's founder, Jerrod Blandino, and it was really cool!

She has done a lot of makeup inspired tutorials. And most of them are inspired by Korean girl groups. Of course, me likey! Well, I subscribed to her channel after finding out that she did lots of Korean celebrities' inspired makeup. She keeps her tutorials short and that's also another good thing. Oh, she is also a fashion blogger and I simply like her overall looks.

 (part of insiteTV's shows)

I found her when I was searching for skincare videos. And man, I am really glad I stumbled upon her. She is actually known as an ulzzang in Korea. She released some books about makeup called PONY Makeup Book. Sometimes, tutorial videos are included in her books (this one as an example). I love her makeup looks. Her makeup looks do look effortless and not too heavy and I really love that. Her tutorials are also very easy to follow even for beginners. Oh and also one plus thing is that she often times use Korean highstreet brands' products which are affordable (and so my purse doesn't need to cry).
I also like to watch insiteTV's other shows, such as BeauTeen Pouch (basically makeup for teens) and Miss Korea - I'm Mae

She is a makeup artist based in London. What more should I say? I actually love her makeup looks (though I usually prefer Korean looks, but hers are good!) and she is not always sticking to high-end products as she will find cheaper alternatives of them. Her makeup tips are also very useful. Though most of her videos are long, but well that's fine because I can spend a whole day just to watch videos.
On one of her videos, she said, "If you're not doing a beauty shoot for magazine, another time, makeup is about effect and not perfection." Yo, I like her.

This was the very first video of her that I watched. Her makeup looks are simple and easy to follow. Overall, I like her looks and tutorials. Oh, and also she has a very cute little baby named Yunwoo. He is so adorable and cute.

As you can see, I'm so into Korean makeup looks, so that's why I tend to watch Asian (esp Korean) youtubers. But besides those people that I've mentioned above, there are still plenty beauty vloggers that I love to watch, such as makeupgeeks ( is the best okay), bubzbeauty, Kandee Johnson, missglamorazzi, Michelle Phan, and many more. It's just that I always find myself go back to my favorite channels over and over again.

So, who is your favorite beauty guru?

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