Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mizzu Chrome Gel Eyeliner - Carbon Black Review

Good day, belles!

If I am asked which makeup thing that almost every woman owns, I'll answer: black pencil eyeliner. Well, I said almost, okay, not all of them. Why? Because when you just start doing makeup and you're doing some research here and there, you will find out that pencil eyeliners are what other people usually recommend for beginners. And well, black is just that common color for eyeliners.

For quite some time, I lived without black pencil eyeliner. I do have black gel and liquid eyeliner, but you know, there are those times when you just don't want to spend too much time perfecting the gel or liquid eyeliner and just slap on a black pencil and smudge them, that's what I wanted. So here I am with a fairly new black pencil eyeliner.

The reason why I got this one in particular? Well, I followed LINE Shopping and there was a sale on blibli.com and this Mizzu eyeliner was one of the discounted products. I got it for like IDR 30-thousand-something. Mizzu is a local brand owned by PT Astoria Prima - correct me if I am wrong (but this eyeliner is manufactured in Germany though).

So let's get more fun. What does it claim? Available in 8 colors, this eyeliner gel pencil is not only soft and creamy but at the same time waterproof and long lasting. Soft and creamy? Check. Waterproof? Long lasting? Let's see...

As I said, I agree with the soft and creamy claim. Seriously, this doesn't drag at all. It glides on so smoothly. I love it more than my late Holika Holika Jewel-something eyeliner.

This is not the blackest black, but still good enough for a black eyeliner. The pigmentation is not disappointing.

On the left side: I smudged them with my fingers, well it smudged.
On the right side: water + smudge = chaos

The important thing is that they don't claim it to be smudgeproof. Not that I am complaining. I am happy with this kid. I wore it for nine hours and it stayed pretty well on my lids. It did smudge throughout the day though, but not too much and not a problem, yet. As for the waterproof and long lasting claim, as long as you don't touch your eyes, your eyeliner will be fine. Maybe you should try running under the rain or crying hard to test the claim.

All in all, a pretty good eyeliner with a good price. Not my favorite one as of yet, but for the time being, I am happy with this. This eyeliner (and brand) is quite famous already, so maybe you should also try one.

XO, thanks for reading!


  1. Hey, Resista!
    I was just wondering, is there any products coming out when you rotate the butt end of the eyeliner itself?
    Thanks xo

    1. it's not retractable. just a regular pencil one so you have to sharpen it.

  2. Kalau ditandingin sama make over gimana nih? Aku lagi cari pensil liner warna warni yang lokal, tapi kayanya baru ada Mizzu sama Make Over.

    1. make over is clearly the winner. staying powernya mizzu kalah banget kalau dibandingin sama make over imo. pigmentasinya juga. I honestly think make over eyeliner pencil is one of the best.


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