Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy (Belated) New Year and Happy (Belated) Birthday!

I know it's January 4 already, but well, I think I should post something here.

I won't be updating this blog until at least second week of January because, dear goodness, I am currently drowning in a sea of papers and I'll be having odd semester's final exam starting from next Monday. And not to mention that I'm catching flu right now..... I am officially tortured.

And so, HAPPY NEW YEAR FOR YOU ALL! May you have another wonderful year ahead! And may God always bless you and those who you love!

And also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR ME! Well, January 2 is my birthday and yes, I am turning 20. May you have a great journey on your 20th year living in this world, dear! *petting and patting myself*

That's it. This post is actually posted to tell you that I'm still alive and existing. LOL



  1. hey! Happy belated New Year and belated birthday, too! :D I just discovered your blog and I think your blog is nice. Love how you write your reviews! I'm a blogger myself. still a newbie though. hehe anyway, will be looking forward to your posts after exam (me too actually is going to have one final exam tomorrow! T__T) so hopefully we both gonna survive this battle! Good luck!
    xx, Mira |

    1. aww thank you :" well, I am also a newbie (well isn't it obviously seen? lol). and I just checked your blog and yours was also nice. :)
      (just added you on my circles anyway :3)


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