Monday, January 20, 2014

Make Over Trivia Eyeshadow - Black Goddiva, Golden Espress, Emperor Brown Review

Hi, belles!

So, YEHET! College break is finally here! I cannot even believe that my (almost) whole hell month finally ends. (Let me throw confetti first.)

Anyway, for my comeback special post, I'll be reviewing an Indonesian brand. I want to introduce this brand which I really like (and probably more local brands in the future) to you guys, the readers. So if you, Indonesians, who still don't know that this brand exists, go immediately and have some good time at the counter, and if you live outside of Indonesia and you ever plan to come here, do spend some of your time to go checking out their counters. :)

And which brand will I review today? It's MAKE OVER! This brand is actually quite new and so at first, I didn't know that this brand existed. I found them one day when I went shopping with mom and I didn't know why but we just finally stopped at their counter (in which I am glad that we did). This brand is my current most favorite local brand (and so is my mom). So this time, I'm going to review their trivia eye shadows that I own which are Black Goddiva, Golden Espress, and Emperor Brown.

Pardon. The colors are a bit off because of (another) fail lighting. But I think the difference is not that much though. :)

Black Goddiva 
Crystal - shimmery light blue, frosted with silver hint, cool undertone, a bit chalky
Rockstar - medium-deep silvery-gray, frosted with cool undertone
Black Stiletto - matte black, a bit powdery

Golden Espress
Chrome Yellow - shimmery light yellow, chalky
Gold - warm, shimmery golden-brown
Orange Freak - shimmery orange with strong red undertone. I used to think this was red, not until I checked make over's official website and found out that this was orange.....

Emperor Brown
Cocoa - matte dark brown with warm undertone
Hot stone - light-medium brown, warm red undertones
Sand - I had a hard time on choosing the right words to describe this shade. When you look at the color in the pan, it's probably somewhere in matte medium beige / beige with yellow undertone. Well, but when I swatched it on my inner wrist, it looked like a beige with pink undertone.

I tried so hard to describe the shades as best as I could, but still, I'm sorry if there are some mistakes. (Anyway, if I have time later on, I'll post the swatches on my hand.) So, my most favorite trio is Emperor Brown, well, which consists of 3 nude browns (who doesn't love nude matte browns?) which is great for both day and night makeups. And out of all those above, my most favorite shade is cocoa because it's brown, it's dark, it's matte, and I like it.

All in all, I really love these eyeshadows. Last time, I wore it for about 5 hours without eye primer and it didn't crease. It's also very pigmented, although I have problems with the lighter shade, like chrome yellow, because it's chalky and so I experienced some fall-outs here and there. But overall, these eyeshadows don't disappoint me. For less than 7-8 bucks you can get quite good products.

Anyway, I won't be posting much this month because apparently I have to go out of town. So I think we'll meet again in February (or I will probably post more this month if I have time).

I'd give this 4.5 out of 5.

p.s. anyway, can you guys recommend me some nude / light pink lipsticks like those which are usually used by gyaru? I'm dying to find a nude light pink lipstick, well like Candy Doll's Soda/Ramune Pink for example. And cheaper ones are very welcome. :)

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