Behind the Words

Good day, belles!

So, who's behind the words? Well, hi! I go by the name of Resista Anindhita. I am currently a collegian majoring in International Relations. I am pretty much a newbie in beauty blogger world, but have been blogging for years. I decided to make a new one because I wanted to keep my old blog as (kind of) a diary.

I started to get interested in makeup and stuffs when I was in my senior year of high school. I thought that those beauty things were just fun and colorful. And when I finally entered college, I started to learn and practice and buy some stuffs. I watched lots and lots of makeup tutorials and reviews (I still do though), and my knowledge has improved ever since.

I am such an Asian-related-things junkie, be it beauty products or pop cultures. Though I listen to lots of kpop, I am also a hardcore fan of indie records. Say, The Paper Kites, The Honey Trees, Gregory and the Hawk, and etc. Indie records are hidden beauties.

To be honest, my makeup skill is still not that good, but well, I keep on learning. And what I am doing here is to share my thoughts to you, the readers. So [disclaimer] all posts posted here on this blog are truly based on my personal thoughts and or experiences.

Thank you!


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