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Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Blackhead Out Balm Review

Hi, belles!

Blackheads. Hate. No. A big NO. Unfortunately, those are on my face.

Those who have large pores (including me) will likely experience this. Well, yeah I have large pores and yes my skin is blackhead-prone. You know where blackheads usually appear. On your nose, around your nose, on your chin… poor my skin. That’s why when you can do something to save your skin, then do it.

The reason why I bought this is that come-on-you-guys-know. Well, I was looking for some blackhead removal and or treatment products and I found this product. Innisfree had released similar product before, something called mint and blackhead and things-I-forgot, and actually I wanted to buy that one at first. But because I wasn't sure whether Innisfree was still selling it or not, so I decided to buy their latest line, Jeju Volcanic, instead.

It claims that this cleansing balm dissolves and removes blackheads as Jeju volcanic clusters adsorb sebum and oil massages your skin.

[Directions] Before cleansing, apply an appropriate amount onto where blackheads are concentrated. Use fingertips to massage for 3-5 minutes and use cleansing foam or lukewarm water to rinse off afterwards.

So this balm suppose to ‘melt’ blackheads as the friction between fingertips and the skin generates heat.

I actually have been using it for quite some times, but I do not really see any difference of those blackheads on my skin – nose especially. Well, blackheads are a bit reduced, and I can still see blackheads here and there.

The packaging is simple. It comes in a pot. Well, not much to say about the packaging.
The texture is just like any other balm, but not as soft as lip balm. The texture of this balm is quite hard, but it immediately melts as you rub the balm on the skin.
The scent is rather strong in my opinion. Well, Innisfree is known for its herbal scents, isn’t it? Some people may not like it, but I’m totally fine with this because the smell is pretty unique.

You may not see the swatches clearly, but the consistency is somewhat thick and it is transparent.
And one more thing, for those with concern for hygiene may not really like it because we have to take the products using our fingertips. It is not really a problem to me though as long as my fingertips are clean, and besides I think it will be hard to take the products out using spatula since the texture is thick.

I was actually disappointed at first. But well, I could not throw this product away. It is not something expendable, so I try to find another way to make it more effective. And so, I put this as one of some products that I use on my weekly skincare routines, and I should say that it works better that way.

Size        : 30g
Price      : I bought this for Rp 54000 (around 5 USD; original price 5000 KRW)
I’d give this 3.5 out of 5.

p.s. changed the title, header, and watermark (again) LOL


  1. Anonymous6/07/2014

    Hello Resista Anindhita,

    thank you for this review!
    Hosnestly, I've started to buy some beauty products from South Korea this year and as an Asian girl, I've got black head pore too!! I've heard about this product and I though it would be magical as some bloggers said. So I've tried it and it was like you said....not really efficient.... But if I'll try like you, in my "beauty routine", maybe it will work...!!

    Thank you for giving your wise advises and a bit hope on this product! xD

    1. Hello too... um... anon? You can just call me Resista or Res anyway :)

      you are welcome and also thanks for leaving a comment! ♥ well, I think what really matters when it comes to blackhead is to exfoliate regularly. oh and before using this product, wash your face with warm water or just use steam towel to loosen up the clogging pores. :))

  2. Hallo ka, salam kenal :)

    Masker ini bisa ga untuk ilangin whitehead?
    Soalnya mau beli mask skinfood cuman kebanyakan varian jadi binggung mau yang mana, aku mau yang ngilangin komedo dan whitehead.
    Btw, its a nice review ^^
    Thankyou :)

    1. Karena aku lebih concern sama blackhead, jadi ngga terlalu merhatiin how it works on removing whitehead hehe. it claims to do so tapi mungkin hasilnya ngga jauh beda which I honestly thought it didn't really work on me.
      anyway, thanks for dropping by :)

  3. Anonymous12/09/2014

    I've read on other bloggs that if you let the balm sit on your skin for a bit, then use the metal zit scraper tool, it is very helpful in greasing up your pores so that the tool can work better. Then the blogger said they use a calming mask after working on their skin. It made sense to me.. ; )

    1. thanks for dropping by and thanks so much for the info! ♥ but I don't think I will ever finish this tho lol
      but for you all guys who are still confused how to use the product, try the method above :)

  4. Kalo boleh tau beli produk nya dimana ya?

    1. di riebutik. kadang ada yang ready di tapi kemaren sih beli ini ikut PO :)

  5. Anonymous5/01/2015

    A little tip :) I thought too that it wasn't effective, on the first attempt.. But then I realized that what was not effective was actually the directions that came along with it lol. Instead of rinsing it off after 3-5 mins wipe it off with a tissue as if you're trying to 'pull put' the blackheads.. Do it in different directions et voila! Your nose will be squeaky clean!

    1. ^ people! another informative tips!
      I just had no idea lol so thank you so much for helping others! and also thank you for dropping by :)


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