Saturday, November 2, 2013

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Cotton Fit in Natural Beige (W13) Review

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So, my next review is going to be about the infamous BB cream. There are seriously a lot of brands which produce many kinds of BB creams, be it Asian or Western ones. I actually discovered BB cream a few years ago, but eventually decided to get one just about few months ago. The reason why I bought this is that I disliked wearing foundation, but then I needed something as the substitute for foundation. After reading and watching many reviews here and there, I decided to buy the one from Etude House. So, is it a yay or a nay?

At first, I was confused whether to buy Bright Fit or Cotton Fit one. As long as I can remember, Bright Fit gives you dewy finish while Cotton Fit gives you more matte finish. Because I have combination skin, I decided to just grab the Cotton Fit.

It comes in a pump which makes it easy to control the amount.of BB cream. And just like any other Asian (or Korean in particular) BB creams, this just looks gray on your skin on first minutes after applying. But it will adjust a bit to your skin tone. I said a bit because it won’t adjust drastically to your skin tone. My mom sometimes told me that I looked pale when I used this product. And as you can see below, it does brighten my skin, conceals some spots, and evens out my skin tone.

And I have an extra picture. I put a little amount of Etude House BB cream on a blotting paper and this is what we'd get 5 hours later....

Wow. That was quite... a lot of oil.

Okay, so, the consistency of this BB cream is kind of thick, but it can be easily spread on your face.
Oil control is just so-so. My face will get a bit shiny after about 2-3 hours. I need to always keep blotting papers by my side. Sigh.
The coverage is buildable. I don’t really like to put layers of BB creams on my face though, so I usually only put 1 layer and then let the concealer do the rest.
This BB cream smells a bit like baby powder I think. The scent is soft though and will soon fade away after some times.

Well, this BB cream is neither a yay nor a nay. It is just okay for me. I actually am still looking for a more lightweight BB cream since I am living in a tropical country and I feel like we are having hot and humid weather for a whole year (even in wet season).  And  I am currently eyeing some jelly BB creams.

Size        : 60g (2.11 oz.)
Price      : I bought this for Rp 134000 (around 12 USD; original price 14000 KRW)
I’d give this product 3.5 out of 5.

p.s. sigh Indonesian Rupiah is weakening too much against US Dollar lately. Crying over my purse.

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