Friday, January 30, 2015

The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX You & Face Blusher 09 Cinnamon Dream Review

Hi, belles!

I've always wanted to try a bronzer because I've been told so many times that I looked so pale and lifeless without any color on my face. My mom used to tell me to buy one-shade-darker foundation, but no. When it comes to base makeup, it has to match my real skin tone. Well, it's even easier to go with the lighter tone because we can always add more warmth with the bronzer. And so that's why I decided to purchase this one.


I watched one of ssin 씬님's videos (she's a Korean beauty vlogger, fyi) about finding the best shading (that's how Koreans like to call 'bronzer' because they mainly use bronzer to 'shade'). She tried to find the best 'shading' out of 12 products with each came from a different brand (mostly Korean brands though) and The Face Shop one got into the big 4. So I decided to just go with this. Besides, it was also affordable.

It's small, probably around the same size as Shu Uemura blushes. The packaging is cute though. I like the packaging of Lovely ME:EX line, especially the shadows and blushes.

It has yellow undertone and some shimmers. The shimmers are not too obvious actually, but if you don't like any shimmery bronzer, well don't go for it (but seriously, you cannot see the shimmers unless you take a really close look at it). And it probably won't show up well on those with deeper skin tones. Well, most korean products are targeted toward those with lighter and fairer skin tones though.

The pigmentation is really poor. Like seriously, it's really sheer. If you're looking for a sheer bronzer, this thing's for you. But I think it'd work well to contour the nose because even if you're a heavy-handed when it comes to contouring, you will never go wrong with this because of its sheer color payoff.

Overall, I'm not impressed. But I'm still using it sometimes. I actually want to try the infamous NYC sunny bronzer though.

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