Thursday, November 13, 2014

Skin Talk: Facial Experience

 Hi, belles!

A new corner of my blog! I may be adding many new corners so that I don't only post reviews but also share my view on skins and makeups and other related things. And what am I going to talk this time is facial. To be honest, I've only done facial ONCE in my life. So, why am I bringing up this topic? Well, I want to share with you my facial experience and why I never take them again.

I think I had my first facial early this year. I went to a spa house with friends and I got a massage and decided to try a facial. The massage was good, but the facial was horrible. Totally horrible. Well, the most horrible part of any facial is extraction. It hurt like hell. I never experienced it before so I thought it was normal. That being said, after we were done, my friend told me that she never felt this hurt whenever doing facials. I was so worried how my face would look like after that horrible facial.

A few days later, I had breakouts. I do get hormonal breakouts, but the breakouts were never this bad. And it lasted for a few months. I was tortured. When the new semester started, my friends (girls AND boys) were commenting about the spots on my face because I rarely broke out that bad. That's how insane my skin was, and I've been afraid to do facial ever since.

Well, you guys might think that I am probably just another unlucky girl who went to the wrong place. My friends recommended me their favorite facial spots and I'm sure there are actually many good facial spots out there, but I don't know, I'm still afraid that things will turn really bad on my face. ;__;

Many suggest to do a facial once a month. Facial is somehow good to "help" the skin (I think this post is good on explaining the basic things about facial), but I just cannot do it again, yet. My skin is much clearer now (after months of suffering ;__;) although the dark spots will stay here on my face for God-knows-how-long. But my skin is in its good condition and I don't want to ruin it. I will just wait for the day I am convinced to do another facial.

That's it. I don't write any tips or tricks, I just want to share my experience. Next post, I'll probably talk about my current DIY (aka homemade) skincare routine which I really enjoy and help my skin to improve from its worst condition. So, see you in the next post! :)

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