Friday, February 27, 2015

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Ibiza, Prague, Buenos Aires Review

Hi, belles!

Almost everyone has jumped into the liquid lipstick trend. Especially those liquid lipsticks which dry matte. I am a matte lipstick addict. One day I woke up and told myself to stop wearing glossy/shiny lip products. Well, not really. Sometimes I still wear satin or slightly glossy lip products. The thing is that my face is oily, and looking at my oily face with the glossy lips is such a turn off ugh. At least I need something that will look matte for the entire day. LOL

And so this time I'm going to talk about the ever-so-famous NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. I wanted to try this so bad and finally got a chance to purchase some. The shades that I have now are Buenos Aires, Ibiza, and Prague.

The doe-foot applicator

L-R: Buenos Aires; Ibiza; Prague

p.s. eww sorry for the messy swatch. anyway, tried hard editing to match the real color
p.p.s I tried to swatch them on my lips BUT with no decent camera, it was just hard to get any good photo. I will post the lip swatch in the future. Well, maybe. lol

Buenos Aires is described as soft coral - light orange-y coral with a hint of peach
Ibiza is described as matte deep rose pink - bright deep pink. I don't think it's bright in a 'fuschia way', but it's bright and deep (if that makes sense)
Prague is described as matte merlot - not as deep as merlot. more like purple with hints of merlot and a bit of pink

The consistency is quite creamy. It has that vanilla/whipped cream scent (I just want to lick them *lick lick lick*). It transfers just a little bit. Not too obvious.
The color payoff is so opaque so love love!
Glides on the lips so smoothly and evenly. It's just so easy to distribute the product on the lips. It dries down matte in a few minutes. It may feel a bit tight after a while, but still comfortable enough to wear (at least for me). Even without applying lipbalm underneath, I didn't experience dry chapped lips.

I particularly got compliments when I wore Ibiza. Ibiza is the attention-seeker. I love it the most.
Prague is also another love. Purple is my favorite color and as long as we are confident wearing bold lip colors, there will be no problem. Although sometimes I hear that boys don't really like this kind of color lol

As of Buenos Aires, it doesn't work that well on me.
It actually looked pretty when I swatched it on my inner arm, but when I applied it on my lips, the color washed me out a bit. My skin is pretty fair so it will, maybe, look better on those with deeper skin tones.
It also glides on smoothly and doesn't drag whatsoever BUT the color won't spread evenly which then leads to streaky and patchy color. It's also not as opaque as Ibiza and Prague. The color is lovely, but the formula is a no no.

Staying power - Ibiza and Prague last for such a long time. Last time I wore Ibiza for almost 8 hours and although it faded, the color still looked pretty on my lips. In case of Buenos Aires, I honestly don't know how long it lasts since I don't wear it often.

Overall, I think there are some hits and misses with these lip products. The lighter shades are not my favorites, but the bolder, brighter, deeper shades are definitely the hits! I feel like I need to grab more soon.

Have you tried them? Share your thoughts here!

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