Monday, March 30, 2015

Zoeva 104 Buffer Brush Review

Hi, belles!

I finally set my mind and decided to write a post about this one makeup brush that I've been loving since last year. It's from Zoeva, a German brand, and I should say it's been raved everywhere. I was actually planning to purchase Real Techniques ones, but when I saw this brand on the new-entry on Luxola, I just felt the need to try it. I also read many good reviews of it.

It comes with a zip close plastic case. Sorry I forgot to take a picture of it. It's an individual case so every Zoeva brush comes with it.

The bristles are soft, Don't worry it won't hurt your skin. The finish is streak-free and it spreads the products evenly. It is, of course, dense, but it may not be as dense as Zoeva's silk finish brush (although I don't have it yet, but many people said so), so it gives a more natural finish. It just helps saving some minutes of makeup application time especially when I'm in a rush (in most mornings).

It is easy to clean. Well, I usually clean my brushes at least once in 2 or 3 weeks. Although I may not be wearing bb cream/foundation every single day, but cleaning makeup brushes is essential!

One thing that I really like is the price. It is more affordable than, say, Sigma, yet it gives such a luxurious feeling.

All in all, such a great brush considering its price which is way cheaper than many famous brushes. It feels comfortable on the skin and it basically does a very good job as a buffing brush.

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