Monday, March 23, 2015

Beauty Pod Airbrush FX Sponge Review

Hi, belles!

Well, it's going to be my first time reviewing a beauty tool. I said in one of my posts that I wanted to review a Zoeva brush that I had, but I simply forgot it.

So one day, I was browsing through luxola's site and this one sponge caught my attention. I tried to do some research of it and found some posts which claimed that this Beauty Pod was the dupe of the holy Beauty Blender. I don't have any Beauty Blender with me, so sorry to say, I can't compare them and can't really tell whether  Beauty Pod works the same as or better than Beauty Blender. I have a pile of wedge sponges though, so the least that I can do is comparing Beauty Pod with wedge sponges. Sorry.

What it claims? The Pod is not your typical Makeup Sponge but a non-latex, ergonomic, hygienic Beauty Tool that will save you time in application and deliver a flawless finish with no mess.

I bought it for IDR 150k, fyi. It's available in black, pink, and purple. I love everything purple, so now you know why I chose this one.

So the first thing that I noticed was the non-latex part. Some people are allergic to latex which is an ingredient commonly used in wedge sponges. I personally am not allergic to latex so I still use wedge sponges sometimes.

Anyway, the sponge is dense. Compared to the wedge sponges, of course it doesn't soak up the products that I'm using. But of course, the products will leave some stain behind. As long as I clean it properly, the stain will be gone (although sometimes it might be a bit hard).

Dry vs wet, can you see the difference?

How it feels on the skin? When it's damp and it swells up, it feels soft, bouncy yet dense at the same time (unlike wedge sponges in general). I like the cool sensation that it gives whenever I dab the sponge on my face (because it is damp, obviously).

The finish look? I obviously like the finish that the sponge gives more than the buffing brush. The sponge leaves that moist look and your foundation (or any other base makeup) just looks better. If you are going for a "natural" makeup look, well I personally think makeup sponges are way to go.

Beauty Pod is my first makeup sponge (don't count wedge sponges in) so I found it a bit hard what to review actually. I still want to try Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge so when I finally purchase it, I'll write a comparison post between the two. But for the time being, I am pretty satisfied with the Beauty Pod.

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