Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Skin Aqua UV Moisture Gel SPF30 Review

Hi, belles!

Back again with me and another review! So it's March already. Why does time fly so fast, I don't even get the chance to breathe properly. Well, cut the intro and let's get into the review.

A sunscreen that I'm currently using is Skin Aqua UV Moisture Gel SPF30. I actually wanted the SPF50 one, but heard that that was a bit heavier so I chose this one instead.

Size: 80g

Although this one is intended for oily skin, but it leaves a serious dewy finish on me. And the fact that (people say) we have to use a quarter teaspoon of sunscreen to completely protect the skin from the burning rays, oily skin people out there won't likely get any matte finish.

The consistency is no way near gel. As you can see, it looks milky white, but it's thinner though. One thing that I definitely like is that it doesn't break me out because when something breaks me out, I will definitely toss it away.

As for the ingredients, you can check the list here. Most of them are safe for acne-prone skin (like I am) and yes, this doesn't break me out which is a huge plus!

It spreads evenly and it actually feels watery. But well, the end result is so dewy. It definitely isn't easy-to-absorb type of thing (at least for me).

It feels a bit heavy on my skin upon first application. I usually let it set for couple of minutes on my skin and then blot the excess shine with a sheet of tissue and my skin looks less dewy. I put some powder afterwards and I get a pretty comfortable matte finish.

As of now, I'm okay with this product. Not a hate, but not a love either. I'm just using it for the sake of protecting my skin. I guess I'm still in a very long journey of finding the perfect sunscreen.

So, any of you gets any recommendation of your favorite sunscreen?

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