Saturday, February 28, 2015

Kracie Hadabisei Acne Care White Mask Review

Hi, belles!

Phew I have many posts in the draft and I think I should post them asap because I'm just too lazy to type things lately so when I finally succeed in bringing myself to type, edit, etc, I can't stop. I'm not allowing myself to stop.

So what I'm going to review next is a product from a Japanese brand called Kracie. What is Kracie? Kracie is like a more-affordable line of Kanebo. You guys know (or at least heard once about) Kanebo right? According to my little research, Kracie is pretty popular in Japan. Well, finally they entered here in Indonesia.

Few weeks ago, I joined "a giveaway" held by Kawaii Beauty Japan.Well, I was one of the chosen ones, and so I got it for free. They sent me two mask sheets and a bunch of pamphlets and a desk calendar. So first, I want to thank KBJ and Kracie (and Hoyu ID) for holding the giveaway.

Okay, let's get into the product.

It's just like any other mask sheet. There's only one sheet for the entire face unlike some that have separate sheets for lower and upper part of the face. Honestly, when it comes to mask sheet, it's hard to find any of them that doesn't break me out. I tried many masks and then the next morning, I got some bumps on my face. But this one is an exception. I checked the ingredients list on cosdna, and no wonder, their ingredients are acne-prone-skin-friendly so that's why my skin really loved this. (Check the ingredients list here.)

Some like to wash their face after wearing mask sheets, but personally, I like to keep the moisture of the essence and let my skin drink it up. The essence is lightweight that it's absorbed quite fast on my oily skin and it doesn't leave my skin feel sticky afterwards. A great plus!

Overall, I really like this mask sheet. It doesn't break me out, soothes my skin, doesn't leave any stickiness. I'll buy more in the future!

p.s. now that I think about it, the consistency of the liquid inside was thinner (like a toner or lotion, maybe) while most of mask sheets that I used had thicker consistency (like an essence).

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