Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year and Happy Getting Older!

HAPPY NEW YEAR FOR YOU ALL GUYS WHO READ THIS! Another page of life has just begun. Let's live our life to the fullest!

cr. resistaa
And also, HAPPY TWENTY-FIRST for me! I'm old, but I don't feel old because I don't want to feel old (what?). So a note to myself, stop being a deadliner, finish your papers and essays soon, don't be a procrastinator, start to work on the thesis, go overseas as an exchange student, graduate soon, and get a job (or at least try to find out what do I really want to do in life after uni).

I didn't get any present or cake because my family was not used to that kind of thing. And so I'm used not to receive anything except for the birthday wishes that people sent me. That's actually enough to brighten up my birthday. :)

A short update because I just need to post something in the beginning of 2015. May you guys have a wonderful year ahead!


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