Saturday, January 10, 2015

How to Deal with Oily Skin

As I've mentioned many times, I have a normal-oily skin with an extremely oily T-zone and as an extra, mine is also acne-prone. So this is how I deal with my oily skin. Well, just some personal experience to share. :)

"No foundations or simply any base make up that keep my skin oil-free for the entire day."
I never really try any famous face primer (I will when I get the chance one day), but I am actually not relying much on mattifying products because sooner or later the oil will start seeping through my skin. I also don't believe in any product that claims to keep the skin matte for long hours. As Lisa from Lisa Eldridge said in one of her videos (she's one of my favorite makeup artists anyway), that no foundations will completely block any oil from coming through because what they do is to slow down the oil from reaching the surface. And that maybe also happens to face primers. On everyday basis, I only cover dark circles, spots, highlight the high points, set the face with powder and I'm good to go. And so my face will get oily in such a short time, but that's fine though.

But when you do wear full makeup, use ones that are made for oily skin, set with powder, and bla bla (you know the deal). Many times I spotted women with a flat skin because of the super matte-ness and I personally thought that was weird to look at. :| Well, you do your own makeup and who am I to judge, so just do whatever you're comfortable with. That's just a personal thought. :) Anyway, here's a good article sharing some makeup tips for oily skin.

I personally like it when the oil starts coming through a bit on my skin because it gives that pretty glow that I like. But yeah, when the oil comes through too much, the glow is not pretty anymore, I know. Sigh.

Keep the skincare routine simple.
Although we have oily skin, but as lots of people say, moisturizing is just as important as it is for those with dry skin. Keep it simple and don't over-moisturize your skin because who loves a sticky skin? Not me. As for weekly skincare routine, I found out that using natural products was good for my skin. Honey and green tea are my skin's best friends. I ditched the masks that I bought earlier and now I only use honey and oatmeal mask to exfoliate, DIY green tea sheet mask, and green tea rinse.

Skincare: alcohol or alcohol-free?
I used to use many skincare products with alcohol in it. I thought it would work. Turned out it only made my skin oilier eww. You guys know how it feels like when you're applying toner-with-alcohol-ingredients. So dry, so tight (this sounds so wrong). So, what I can recommend to you oily-skin-survivors, is to try to avoid products with alcohol. You don't have to completely avoid it because sometimes there are products with alcohol that work great, too. In my case, my day-time moisturizer is the only one with alcohol (it's clean & clear essentials moisturizer anyway).

Blotting sheets and face sprays/mists are the best friends.
I always bring blotting sheets with me every time and everywhere. I always have at least one backup of any blotting sheets at home. My favorite is clean & clear oil control film. When the oil on the face comes through too much, you know how greasy it feels like and not to mention, how easy it will be for the dusts to stick on our skin. That's why I always have blotting sheets with me. And after blotting the oil away, I usually spray the facial spray/mist afterwards to add some moisture to the skin. I love how fresh it feels on my skin. I use evian facial spray and when I run out of it, I just put my toner into a spray bottle.

Drink, drink, drink!
Say no to dehydrated skin! Drink lots of water! I always make sure to have a glass of water around me because whenever I have water with me, I just subconsciously reach for the glass and drink and drink and drink. You probably should try it too and tell me whether it also happens to you or not lol

Last but not least, embrace your oily skin. Seriously, be grateful for your oily skin. At least, we don't get wrinkle as easy as people with dry skin do. Take proper care of your skin and everything's gonna be okay lol. (Well, I am serious this time.)

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