Thursday, October 31, 2013

Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in Cherry Red (RD301) Review

Hi, belles!

This cherry tint was my very first product of Etude House. The reason why I bought it is that I was in need of a lip stain and so I got this one (and not to mention that Sulli and Krystal from my beloved favorite group f(x) are Etude’s current endorsers :3). Well, it’s not really a lip stain though, I know, it’s a lip tint, but still it leaves some stain on your lips.

As you can see, the packaging is just so Etude House. (I know all of you are a fan of Etude House’s products packaging.) I got mine in Cherry Red and honestly was a bit disappointed with my own choice. I wish I got the peach or pink one. But well, it’s not a really a problem though, just a matter of personal preferences. 

It looks pink I know, but once you swatch and spread it on your lips, it will look red. This tint gives a good color payoff on my lips, and so does the stain. I usually blot the remaining tint on my lips with a tissue so I can get that natural red tint on my lips. Another way, I top it with another pink lip gloss.

The consistency is thin just like any other lip tint, watery, and not as thick as lip glosses.
The smell is so nice and sweet like a candy and I just feel the need to lick my own lips. But once I lick my lips, it tastes bitter. Sigh.
The stain really lasts for such a long time, but this lip tint kind of dries my lips after few hours, just don’t forget to put lip balm under and or over it.

(Sigh I fail. This looks so pink, sorry. But well, I should say that there really is a hint of pink on it just like what you see on my hand above, but once you blot the remaining tint on your lips, you will get red stain.)

In conclusion, this product is good and I like it. But one thing that somehow disturbs me is lips discoloration. The outer part of my lips looks darker than the inner part (though it’s not that dark, but still it makes me look sick). To be honest, any kind of lip tints don’t really do it for me because of this, but well, I still can cover the darker part by using concealer or lip liner though and voila I get that gradient lip look. LOL

Size        : 9g (0.31 oz.)
Price      : Rp 64000 (around 6 USD; original price 6000 KRW)
I’d give this product 4 out of 5.


  1. aku juga ada mau beli yang ini, semoga cocok di bibirku ya hihiih :3
    blog kamu bagus, follow balik ya kalau berkenan :) makasih.

    1. warnanya cantik kok. makasih :)


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