Saturday, March 26, 2016

Polka Matteness Lip Lacquer in Maraccas Review

Hello again, belles (after what feels like another century)!

Well well well, the liquid lipstick trend is still going strong and Indonesian local brands started to come up with its kind. When I first heard about this brand, I got really interested. So now that I have one of them sitting in the drawer with my other lipsticks, what's my opinion?

Polka Cosmetics currently only sells lip lacquer with four shades: Get in the Swing, Jingle Giggle, Maraccas, and Tambourine. It costs IDR 185.000 (which is kind of pricey for a student like me). To be honest, considering the price and performance, I am quite disappointed.

the doe-foot applicator

Maraccas is mauvy-nude. You know, the kind Kathleen Lights likes to wear. The texture is liquidy and really opaque. Your entire lips will be covered in just one swipe.

So what goes wrong with this liquid lipstick which leads to disappointment?
It never fully dries so it transfers and doesn't last that long. Well, I am actually fine with this kind of liquid lipstick (NYX's Soft Matte Lip Cream for example, they never fully dry, but I still love them), BUT this leads to another problem which is the tacky and sticky feeling. And because of its tackiness and stickiness, it goes patchy throughout the day. In conclusion, it feels uncomfortable that whenever I wear it I can't wait to immediately take it off honestly. Sorry.

Looking at the other side, the color is pretty. The kind of perfect mauvy-nude for my skin tone. It's opaque and pigmented. The packaging is also sturdy and sleek. It's pretty.

All in all, the shade is pretty and it will suit many skin tones, but the formula is a big miss. I really want to like it, but with such a price, the formula is such a turn-off so I'm going to pass it to others.


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