Thursday, March 31, 2016

Rire Lip Manicure High Fix in Brick Red Review

Wassup, belles!

As you guys may or may not realize, liquid lipsticks have become the trend for the past couple of years. Every brand launches its own liquid lipstick and even Indonesian local brands don't want to miss it. I personally love liquid lipsticks. Long wearing and some of them feel really nice on the lips. So which liquid lipstick are we going to talk about? It's Rire Lip Manicure High Fix! I have it in the shade Brick Red and Deep Plum, but I'm just going to write separate reviews for both.

When I first heard the brand, I was quite unsure honestly. I thought Rire was another super cheap brand which used hazardous ingredients. Please excuse my judgmental nature, but come on, fake and dangerous makeup products are everywhere nowadays. Well, one day I surfed across youtube and found a Korean beauty show (Kim Jimin's Liking) reviewing this product and I was like what? It's a Korean brand? So that's how I finally decided to purchase it. LOL

Well, it's affordable. I got it for less than 10 USD (although it costs 15 USD on the official website). The packaging is cute. The color is cute. Everything screams cute. But the small and short applicator isn't really cute. The applicator makes it very difficult for precise application. Really, you'd better have lots of patience with this. Well, I don't, so I never really do a full and precise application. I just put them the way I want to and blend using my finger. That's much easier.

The scent is lovely, reminds me of that particular cream scent used as bread-filling. I love the scent. The color is (almost) literally brick red. Like a muted red, not in-your-face kind of red (got it?) which I surprisingly like and much prefer to. It's surely opaque and pigmented. The color pay-off won't disappoint. The texture is liquidy and thin. THAT is what I appreciate the most. The thin consistency makes it really comfortable on the lips. Great color pay-off and thin consistency? I am sold, bb.

It fully dries to a powdery finish within a minute so you have to work fast. It's also transfer-proof. It lasts for a good amount of time, I don't really count for how many hours, but it does. But because of its powdery finish, it is particularly drying after few hours. FYI, I ate greasy food one day and it was a mess. It went patchy and looked weird. I bet you guys know the general rule of no-greasy-food-when-lipstick-is-on. Unless you want to mess your lipstick.

All in all, another great purchase, It dries fully matte in a short amount of time, transfer-proof, but can be too drying. Color pay-off is great, consistency is thin, and comfortable to wear. I like it.

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