Monday, August 15, 2016

The Lost Months

sort of like 'The Lost Year' LOL

Anyway, why am I going on another hiatus, yet, again? Well, fyi, I had worked for my final thesis-kind-of-thing to get my bachelor degree aka skripsi (Idk what to call it, skripsi cannot really be translated into English) for all these months that I had gone insane.

After months of suffering, going to the campus library everyday, stressing over things, ranting endlessly to friends, and procrastinating at some point, I finally made it! I got to defend my work last month and guess what bb, I'm graduating this month YEAY!

Honestly no, not yeay.  No. I don't want to be a real jobless. Oh wait, we are not jobless, fellow friends, we are jobseekers. Learn the difference.

Well, I hope that explained why I went MIA. I have many posts sitting in the draft waiting to be completed and published. I'll try to publish at least four posts this month. I'll try.

p.s. a relatable meme for fellow fresh grads

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