Friday, March 17, 2017

Rire Lip Manicure High Fix in Deep Plum Review

Ha ha ha.
How long has it been?

I won't make any excuse. I can only say sorry for my inconsistency in maintaining this blog. I've said this somewhere, but I somehow got a "commitment issue" with personal blogs. Anyway, less rambling and let's jump into the review.

The next product that I'm going to review is another shade of Rire Lip Manicure. Okay, I'm going to take this opportunity to tell you whether I still like this product upon further review.

It is called 'Deep Plum', but it looks more like a bright fuschia-plum to me. Not that I dislike it. I know I always like bright colors. Honestly, guys, other than the shade, the content is pretty much the same as the previous review of Rire Lip Manicure in Brick Red.

Let's summarize what I said in that post:

  • Quite affordable
  • Cute packaging
  • Short applicator which isn't cute
  • The scent is sweet
  • Opaque, pigmented, thin, liquidy
  • Comfortable on the lips on the first hour of wear
  • Dries to powdery finish
  • Transfer-proof
  • Goes patchy

Now, after few months trial, I officially changed my mind. I said in my previous post that I liked (and sold over, if I should repeat) this product. I don't like it anymore. I don't reach for it anymore. After few hours of wear, it crumbles (because it is SO dry), goes patchy, becomes a mess and I can't take it anymore. To be honest, I'm not into liquid lipsticks anymore. Well, I still use some that don't crumble and ones with mousse-y texture (much preferred).

Overall, this lip product doesn't impress me anymore. Maybe partly because I also have moved on a little bit from the liquid lipstick trend (but who knows anyway). But if you still want to try it, go ahead. It won't break your bank anyway and the color selection is lovely.


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