Monday, October 28, 2013

Nature Republic Hand & Nature Moisture Hand Lotion in Olive Review

Hi, belles!

So, this post will mark my very first review yeay! This post may sound a bit weird and awkward and stuff, but please bear with it. :3

Back then, I didn’t even understand when people talked about hand cream/ lotion. I thought all kind of lotion were just the same. But well, I finally understood what hand cream was and so I bought myself one.

I bought this from an online shop here in Indonesia few months ago and the reason why I chose to buy this one? Simply because it was cheap. Like… the cheapest one that I could find on that shop’s site (if I am not mistaken). It was my first hand lotion and of course I would look for the cheapest one (and cough also friendly reminder that I am just a collegian with limited budget sobs).

The consistency  is thin and quite runny, so it can easily spill everywhere. And also you don’t need to squeeze the tube because the product will easily come out of it once you open the tube cap. That’s why you really need to be careful. It absorbs quickly, but this lotion only lasts for two hours on your skin at maximum I think.

The smell is soft and I think there is also some floral scent. It is a bit difficult to describe how it smells like, but personally, I like the scent and will sniff my own hands after using it. LOL

Overall, this product is okay, but I’m not really fond of it. And I’d like to try other hand creams (like the real hand creams with creamy texture LOL). But recently, Nature Republic released a bunch of new hand cream products named Hand & Nature Creamy Hand Cream and there are freaking 18 variants. They are also currently doing 1+1 sale. (I wish I lived in South Korea ;___;) Go check out their website at

Size        : 60ml
Price      : I bought this for Rp 44000 (around 4 USD; original price 4000 KRW)
I'd give this product 3 out of 5.

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