Sunday, December 1, 2013

Revlon Photoready Concealer in #003 Light Medium Review

Hi, belles!

So, this time I'm not going to review another Asian product. Yes, it's Revlon time. I'm in love with some Revlon products, and that's why I decided to try its concealer. This one is my first concealer ever fyi. The reason why I bought a concealer is because most of the times, I don't feel like wearing anything on my face to campus. So, I usually just put on basic daily skincare, apply lip balm and lipstick, and when I have some annoying spots on my face, I will just use concealer and then set my whole face with loose powder. That's it. I rarely wear full makeup when I go to campus.

Yes, it is a stick concealer. At first, I actually thought it'd be too light for my skin, but turned out it matched my skin tone pretty well. It is very easy to apply and to carry around. It glides on smoothly. The coverage is sheer to medium and  it contains lots of shimmers. I realized it when I swatched it on my inner wrist and then I went outside. When I looked at my inner wrist, it was shining. Like how Edward Cullen's skin shines. I don't know whether it's a pro or con, but well, I can also use this as highlighter anyway. So yes, I usually apply it on the bridge of my nose and upper edge of my cheekbones. It doesn't last all day though. But it's fine because you can reapply it anytime.

Well, I don't think this concealer will work great to cover dark circles because it is too dry and so it can easily crease. I only use it to cover some spots and or redness and I'm still searching for a good under eye concealer. (Do you guys have any recommendation? Recommend me something, please?)

Overall, this concealer is good, but that's it. Not the best one yet. And because I don't have many dark spots on my face, so I think it is working fine on me. But for those with many dark spots and or pimples, I don't think this concealer will do great on your face and you'd better find another one with more coverage.

I'd give this 3.8 out of 5.

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