Saturday, December 7, 2013

My Thoughts on Makeup!

Hi, belles!

So, one day, when my mom and I were watching TV, I suddenly asked her out of nowhere, "Why do Korean artists' makeups look so good? Unlike the usual heavy makeup, it looks like they are not wearing any."

"Where did you see them?"

"Internet... and TV."

"Oh come on." She was saying that as if TV and internet manipulate their faces so that they look like they are not wearing any makeup on cameras. That wasn't the answer that I needed. Like... seriously.

Anyway, I love to watch Korean beauty shows. Some of them are Get It Beauty, Son Dam Bi's Beautiful Days, and Star Beauty Show. And I finally got the answer that I needed. There are some words from a makeup artist on Get It Beauty that I still clearly remember until now. She said, "Although many of you are already quite skilled in makeup application, they still tend to cover too much. I hope they'd be more confident in their own beautyor skinand try more natural makeup looks."

That is the answer that I need. And that is my makeup principle.

Well, like I mentioned before, I rarely wear full makeup when I go to campus. But most of the times, I do it whenever I hang out with friends or family or whenever I'm feeling like I'm going to do it. But still, my definition of full makeup is to look natural. Basically, I want my makeup to be my-face-but-better, so that whenever I look at myself in the mirror, I still see "me". (Does this even make sense? But well, you guys get it, right?)

And I think that's why I prefer Korean makeup looks to the others.

I know that my skin is not flawless, but then I just want to be confident in my own beauty. I am still young and I still want to try lots of things. Back then, I didn't even want to put any single makeup on my face because I hated it and I wondered why women were obsessed with makeup. But now I know. Makeup is truly fun. I cannot describe how fun it is, but you guys know how it feels like, don't you? ;) And that's why I finally decided to create a beauty blog.

All in all, each person's thoughts is different. This is mine and I have nothing against yours. And last thing, everyone is beautiful in their own way.


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