Saturday, December 21, 2013

Maybelline Volum' Express Hyper Curl Cat Eyes Review

Hi, belles!

I rarely use mascara to be honest. Most of the times, I just curl my lashes and then go out. Well, it takes much time to apply mascara (and I don't have that much time every morning) so I only curl it. I just need that effect of opening my eyes a bit more, and curling it is the best way for me. But when I do have much time in the morning or whenever I want to wear mascara, of course I will wear it. And this time, it's about one of Maybelline's infamous mascaras collection which is Maybelline Volum' Express Hyper Curl Cat Eyes. I decided to take this one after watching a makeup tutorial video from jungsaemmool and I said to myself, "Why not try it?"


Actually, Maybelline got so much praise for its The Falsies mascara, am I right? But I don't know why I just felt like I didn't want The Falsies yet, so I chose this one. (But lately I just feel the urgent to get The Falsies one.) Well, another reason why I took this is because my lashes are actually pretty long, but it's straight and a bit sparse, and it claims to give you "perfectly bold and curled lashes, dramatically results." Oh and I cannot find this product on Maybelline's english website. It's probably aimed for Asians?

The brush is different from any other Maybelline mascara collection. That is actually my main reason of buying it. It's plastic comb wand, slim, and the bristles are short. Personally, this kind of brush/wand gives me MLBB (my lashes but better - if that makes sense).

It doesn't really do what it claims, but I think I'm fine with it. It doesn't say to be clump-free though, so yeah sometimes I get clumpy lashes. But then I found a way to make my lashes look more natural even when I wear mascara. So, after putting the mascara on my lashes, I pinch it off to remove some excess product. Thank you so much, Mary Greenwell, for the tips. Well, she said that that was completely her laziness, but I found it effective though. Anyway, Mary Greenwell is another favorite makeup artist! I discovered her in Lisa Eldridge's channel and glad I watched her Cate Blanchett Make-up Tutorial.

Another way, I put my fingertip on my upper lid and hold it up slightly. I found this after watching so many makeup artists' videos. I know my fingertip will get dirty, but it's another best way to get natural-look lashes. And I absolutely don't mind to get my fingertip dirty because I can always wipe it off because when I do wrong with mascara on my lashes, I have to repeat it all over again and it's honestly tiring.

(My skin looks darker because of the (fail) lighting.)
As it claims, the mascara is waterproof and so it's hard to remove if you're not doing it properly. And don't worry, it stays all-day. It doesn't feel too heavy on my lashes, well, because I usually only apply 1-2 coats on my lashes because I don't want to make it too heavy.

I'd give this 4 out of 5.

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