Monday, May 18, 2015

NYX Mosaic Powder Blush 01 Highlighter Review

Wassup, belles!

I finally got some time to sit and type! I supposed to have many free time this semester, but why don't I..... Anyway, the product that I am going to review in this post is something that I have wanted for quite some time. Well, not this brand in particular, but I actually really wanted to try any kind of highlighter. I am an oily-skin gal myself (with visible pores) and I've heard (and read) people warning others to stay away from highlighters. But still, I wanted to try and so here we go.

I decided to pick this one because I have read many good reviews of it. They said it was good and subtle (something that I tend to go for thanks to the visible pores and oil on my face). And I should say that this indeed is one pretty highlighter.

It consists of five colors. You can either use one of them or of course, it'd look better when mixed. You can look at the swatch of each color below. I can say they are pretty pigmented, but not too much because well, it is supposed to be a subtle highlighter.

And the swatch below is what it looks like when mixed. It didn't looks as pigmented as the swatch above because I didn't press my finger hard enough. But you can still see it, right? It's not glittery (who wants to wear a glittery highlighter? Not me). And one important thing, the shimmer is so subtle it doesn't look like shimmers... I don't know. I like it.

Overall, a good product with a good price. A good highlighter if you are looking for a subtle highlighter or if you have similar complex as mine (oil and pores) and don't really want to use highlighters, but really want to try any, well try this one. Just be careful not too use it around or near your pores. That'd look so ugly, trust me. I found some people putting highlighter very close to the visible-pores-area that it looked so disturbing. Sorry, just a little thought.

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