Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Maybelline Volum' Express Turbo Boost Mascara Review

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Well well well. If I am asked (again) which condition to choose: wearing eyeliner without mascara or mascara without eyeliner, hands freakin' down, I'll choose the latter. In fact, I rarely wear eyeliner at all. I only wear it on special occasions. Mascara has become such an important makeup product in my life. So here I am with another mascara review. (Now I know I am most excited whenever I write anything about mascara on this blog.)

I was thinking of buying the maybelline rocket one, I was also thinking of buying local brands' mascaras, but one day I walked past a Maybelline counter and brought this home instead. (Anyway, I am thinking of doing a local brands' mascaras battle. So I'll buy at least ten mascaras and show them down - that's gonna be lots of money though - but I am so excited just to think about this idea.)

Okay, what does it claim?
Five times thicker in a flash and clumps-free.
Super thick, super fast, amazing lashes.

I literally translate what is written on Maybelline Indonesia website. LOL

Five times thicker, I don't think so. Clumps-free, yes. Super thick, super fast, amazing lashes, yes yes yes (kidding, I honestly don't know). Waterproof, big yes.

It definitely lengthens my lashes, that's one thing for sure. It also thickens, but not up to five times. I like my lashes to still look natural and no spidery lashes (seriously though my friends cannot tell whether I am wearing mascara or not and there were times when I got compliments because of my tapering lashes #YASSS - sshhh it's just mascara). And this one works pretty well.

Sorry that the before-after pictures above just look so different. I took them on different occasions.

The formula is quite wet. I don't think I like this formula. I prefer the falsies one. The falsies is a bit drier than this. But I still like it. Maybelline mascaras don't disappoint. It's truly waterproof and long lasting. I can wear it up to twelve hours and my lashes will still look pretty although it may weigh down a bit, but personally, not a big problem.

Overall, another good mascara from a trustworthy brand. I am just hoping Maybelline would bring more kinds of mascara to this country. PLEASE.

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