Sunday, July 5, 2015

5 Makeup Products I Can't Live Without

Yes, this is written in a particular order from least to greatest cult. Honestly, I don't really have any specific favorite brand yet because I am still trying many products to find the perfect holy grail, so I am just going to mention my favorites each.

1. Powder
I need to dust some powder on my face before leaving the house. Just a little though because I dislike too-matte-looking face. I have tried many powders, loose or pressed, well I actually prefer loose powder because it works better on my oily skin. Products that I am currently using are Pixy Pure Finish Compact Powder, Marcks' Loose Powder in Rose - which is a local product and also everyone's favorite - and ELF HD Powder which works pretty well on me. I haven't found any holy grail powder though. :(

source: official websites

2. Mascara
Ever since I knew mascara, I could never look back. Many times, I got compliments from friends saying that they liked how curled my lashes were while in fact, I was wearing mascara. And ever since I got those compliments, I could not not to wear mascara. Even though there were times when I just didn't bother, too. LOL
My favorite mascara is anything from Maybelline. Well, I only tried those from Maybelline. But when I'm in doubt, I'll just go to Maybelline counter to buy a new mascara.

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3. Concealer
THIS. I don't know how to explain my love for this. I have a terrible dark circle. It might be caused by genes because my dad's family got this in them, but it may also be caused by, well, somemany sleepless nights. Both contributed to my super bad dark circles anyway. Concealers are life, but unfortunately, I am still in a long journey to find the perfect concealer. Anyway, these are what I am currently using and so far, The Saem concealer impressed me the most out of many concealers that I've tried (review coming soon).
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4. Lip colors
I'd rather have people to tell me, "what are you wearing on your lips? It looks so pretty," rather than, "are you sick? You look so pale."  This happens when my lip color faded completely and I didn't bother to retouch them.
Current favorites: Revlon Super Lustrous in Rose Velvet, Revlon Matte Balm in Sultry, Nature Republic Botanical Eco Crayon Lip Rouge in Burgundy Red

source: official websites

5. Eyebrow
I can go out without wearing any lip color or conceal my dark circles, but most of the time, I will spend some minutes to draw/fill my brows. I didn't think drawing/filling my brows was necessary at first, but again, ever since I knew eyebrow products, I could never look back. I love how full my eyebrows look whenever I do them. FYI, I much much prefer bushy and thick brows. I do have arch, but I don't really try to emphasize them. and even though I really like the Korean beauty trend, I also don't want to make them look super straight.
I also haven't found any holy grail because honestly, all the brow pencils/powder/mascara worked fine on me. But these are the things that I am currently using.

source: official websites

So, that's it, my five makeup products I can't live without. What are yours? Got anything to share? :)

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