Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Bath Box Lemon Muesli Wash Off Mask Review

Bonjour, belles!

There are days when I feel so happy putting things on my face, but there are also days when I am just not bothered. I need to fix this lazy habit because I do realize that my skin is definitely better whenever I do masks religiously.

So the product that I'm going to talk about next is The Bath Box Lemon Muesli Wash Off Mask! It is an Indonesian brand, handmade, and one thing that many of us like, using natural ingredients.

Here's the description.

Ingredients: wholegrain organic oatmeal, lemon juice, rice powder, multani mitti, lemon essential oil

This reminds me of Lush, but in a much affordable price and it is definitely easier to get. They have many resellers in many provinces, so make sure to check their SNS (if you are interested). They also have a website at

How to use? (p.s. I copied this instruction from The Bath Box's official instagram)
First, mix 1 tsp mask with 1-2 tsp warm water (or adjust it on your own for it to stick well on your skin).
Second, apply and spread it evenly on the face and let it sit for about 8-10 minutes (or basically wait for it until it half-dries - this is the keyword).
Third, massage the half-dried mask in circular motion.
Fourth, rinse it off with warm water.
And voila, it leaves the skin with smooth and soft feeling.

I've been using the mask for about a month and so far I really like it. This definitely doesn't cause any breakout. It leaves my skin smooth, fresh, clean, well I simply like it. I said in one of my posts that I ditched my masks because I've found a holy grail mask that is honey-oatmeal. This Lemon Muesli, maybe, still can't beat my all-time favorite DIY honey and oatmeal mask, but I truly recommend this for you guys. If you dislike harsh exfoliant, then this thing is for you.

Overall, a good mask, a good gentle exfoliant, a recommended product. :)

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