Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Make Over Eyeliner Pencil in Black Jack Review

Hello again, belles!

This time I'm about to review an eyeliner which is pretty famous among Indonesian beauty netizens here. It is produced by a local company, Make Over. I like this brand, really. I also reviewed their trivia eyeshadows here.

Well in my last eyeliner review, I said that I rarely wore eyeliner and I seriously didn't see myself buying another pencil eyeliner. But surprise, surprise, I got another eyeliner. But this time, for free. LOL

Make Over Pencil Eyeliner costs for IDR 80.000.  There are other shades as well, I don't remember how many, just go check out the website. I always wanted to try this because it had such good reviews. But honestly, for something that I rarely wear, I have to think twice to spend money on it. Glad that I got it for free anyway LOL.

So what does it claim? (I only copy words that are relevant to this review)

  • Velvety soft and tender, enabling effortless and smooth application without irritating your eyes.
  • Rich, intense and long lasting color
  • Waterproof and tearsproof
  • Smudge resistant, won’t transfer or cake
Yes, I agree with the words above.
I wore it for about twelve hours on my upper waterline and it stayed really well. FYI, my eyes are so watery and any eyeliner can barely survive on my waterline, but this one did. I don't really like to put eyeliner on my lids, but I really like tightlining. I remember when I just got into makeup, I watched a tutorial on youtube and saw the girl tightline the eyes, I was a bit surprised. And a bit scared. LOL

Anyway, this eyeliner can definitely be my holy grail pencil eyeliner, but the thing is that I don't use eyeliners very often so...

It is so so so creamy. The black is so intense. One swipe is all you need to get the real black. It glides on very smoothly. You barely need any force upon application. But because of its creamy texture, you can run out of it pretty fast especially if you wear it on daily basis.

Overall, this thing gets an A+. Long lasting, waterproof, smudgeproof, anything-proof. Go try it!

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