Friday, October 24, 2014 asks: what's on your wishlist?

Holla, belles!

I (pretend to) have some free time and so I decide to join Beauty Box Challenge! This challenge is held by an e-commerce site, people say, but it's simply an online shopping mall based in Indonesia collaborating with Indonesian Beauty Blogger and Dreamers Radio.

I was contemplating at first whether to use Bahasa Indonesia or English because well, it's a challenge held by an Indonesian site, but then all my posts are in English. And I decided to just go with English because I wanted to share my current wishlist to all the readers, and most importantly, WHY were those things on my wishlist.

Okay, let's get started.
For y'all Indonesians and do blog, go have some time to visit and check their Beauty Box Challenge. You only need to put your-wanted-products on the wishlist, write a blog post, and share it. There are other mechanisms as well, so please make sure to check this page if you want to join. :)

First of all, who am I? I am Resista Anindhita, twenty years old, and an uni student of Dept of International Relations. (Man, studying international politics is fun btw p.s. this sounds more like sarcasm)
Anyway, I started to get interested in makeup and stuffs when I was in my senior year of high school. I started to think that those beauty things were colorful, pretty, and just fun. And when I finally entered uni, I started to learn and practice little by little and buy some stuffs (I love online shopping A LOT no kidding. I got most of my makeup products through online shops). I watched lots and lots of makeup tutorials and reviews (I still do though), and my knowledge has improved ever since. (oops get caught I copied some from the behind the words page lol)

So, what's on my wishlist?

I'm going to start from the bottom up (because I'm hipster lyk dat #plsexcuse)

1. The Saem Face Light Silky Pore Cover Primer
So typical Korean products, a very long name. So, why did I put this on my wishlist? Simply because I need a primer. I have a very oily T-zone and visible pores around it, and any foundation, bb cream  or concealer will end up caking especially on my nose or sink into my laugh lines. Dude, this is seriously frustrating. Although I don't really wear makeup literally everyday, but I always make sure to cover any imperfection or at least to tone down the skin whenever I go to uni or just hang out with friends. And cakey makeup is the least thing that I want on my face.

2. Innisfree Long Wear Cushion (SPF50+/PA+++)
On weekdays, I could spend 12 hours at uni (not everyday though, just sometimes). But still, I need to touch-up. This is why a cushion like this Innisfree one would be very helping when I'm busy with any event or organization meeting. It's not funny when you check yourself out in the mirror just to find out that the foundation/bb/concealer on your nose is almost gone. Sigh. This is also why the first and second ones are complementary products. :)

3. 3 Concept Eyes Duo Cover Concealer
I still haven't found my HG concealer while I am a serious concealer addict. My concealers are too dark, too yellow, too shimmery (help me find a good concealer ;__;). I rarely go out without putting some concealer on my dark circles. And when I am too lazy to put foundation or bb cream, I just grab any concealer so at least my face doesn't look dull and lifeless. Besides, I always want to try 3CE products.

4. 3 Concept Eyes Creamy Lip Color in Ladi Dadi
Another one from 3CE. Every time I scroll my instagram and see 3CE uploading their lip products, I could just droll over them. They are so pretty and the packaging is also sleek yet pretty. It's love at first sight, bae. And so I want to try their lip products, especially the creamy lip color. Based on reviews that I read, the lipstick is so moisturizing, and well, who doesn't like a well-moisturized lippies, huh?

5. Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Who doesn't know the infamous Koji Dolly Wink eyeliner? It's been raved everywhere and I really want to try it out. Besides, I love to wear eyeliner because it adds depths to the eyes and I just feel so girly-feminine-pretty whenever I wear eyeliner LOL. The fact that it's known for its great formula and the cute packaging makes it onto my wishlist, and I hope I could grab one soon. YAY!

So, that's it. The breakdown of my wishlist is finished and I hope you all the readers (and coughjudgescough) could enjoy reading this because seriously, I had fun browsing all of the products on elevenia page. :) And for you Indonesian girls and women (did I type 'womans'? seriously?) and anyone who didn't know anything about this challenge, well now you know, so go accept the challenge!

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