Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lioele Mix Eyebrow Cake #2 Gray/Dark Gray Review

Hi, belles!

Yes, three posts in one day night.

For these past few months, I just could not go outside without doing my brows. I just finally got this eyebrow-fever. Like what I've said in  my previous Peripera Auto Eyebrow post, I much much prefer natural-looking brows. And so, eyebrow powder would definitely help me in achieving that natural-looking brows. After reading reviews here and there and checking prices here and there, I finally grabbed this Lioele one.

There is actually a long story behind this. I placed my order on late October, but it arrived at my house about 5 months later. I purchased it through an online shopping site and most of the sellers there offered free shipping BUT without any tracking number. They warned the customers already. Well, I just didn't think of anything else and only bought this one little thing. Months later, I waited, but it didn't come until I finally lost any hope. Okay, let's be real. I could not blame the seller. Why? Because I was the one who chose the free shipping method with high chances of the products getting lost, and so I was responsible of my own choice. There are online shop customers out there who sometimes irk me because of this kind of problem. But one day, this thing just finally arrived. :")

Anyway, I chose the Gray/Dark Gray one because my natural brows are somehow gray-looking (well probably because I got quite sparse brows) and my hair is brownish-black or something (I still find it difficult to describe my natural hair color). Although I am having sparse brows, I really hate it if my brows are drawn too much. So most of the times, when I have my makeup done by others, I'd check myself in the mirror and redraw my brows because what's drawn usually disappoints. Sigh. That's how crazy I am over brows. (And because I don't want to look like a clown.)

It comes with a brow and spoolie brush. I don't really like the brow brush, I think I should go grab another brow brush soon. But glad I could still manage to use it well. I know, the gray one looks like light brown and the dark gray one looks like a dark brown. I also don't know why, don't ask me. But those two colors never fail to give me that natural-looking brows and so I don't really care. LOL

The texture is just like any other eyeshadow. But because I currently don't own any gray shadow, this purchase is not really a waste for me actually. The lasting power is fine and this thing is not waterproof, but as long as you don't rub your brows, the color will still be there.

Yesterday, I was hanging out with friends in campus and suddenly one of my friend commented on my other friend's brows which were a bit too much drawn. And suddenly my friend said that she really liked how I did my brows because it just looked so natural. Dude, I felt like I finally got to achieve one goal of my life: drawing natural-looking brows. After practicing and practicing every single time, I finally did it. Nah, natural also requires skills, dearest people.

Overall, this product is okay. It gives me natural-looking brows, but it is neither water nor smudgeproof. If you already own eyeshadows with similar color, I don't think you'll need any eyebrow powder. You can just use your eyeshadow because it works as fine I think.

Volume  : 2.5g
Price      : it was on sale, I got it for less than 10 USD (original price 12000 KRW)
I’d give this 3.8 out of 5.

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